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An understanding

Our mission is to bring the benefits of greenery to your staff, captivate your clients and enhance your interior with your own bespoke jungle.

We can provide a one-off landscaping to any existing interior, or include it as an addition to an architectural project you have with Shape Studio.

Shape Jungle has the unique benefit of an in-house workshop that can design and create innovative and specialist plant features which will transform your space.

It’s all about the plants

Plants are proven to enhance creativity and productivity of staff, improve air quality and reduce absence and stress. Besides the usual statistics that benefit a business, plants are most importantly beneficial to the well-being of an individual.

Having a range of suppliers enables us to source the best specimens. Whether you have well-loved favourites in mind or an ambitious themed display, we can recommend depending on the conditions of your space and work with suppliers for you to achieve this.

Not just
picking pots

Plants, they’re what we do.

Our relationship with clients is flexible and collaborative, involving you in every element of the project.

Conceptual Design

Our process starts with a visit to your premises in order to ascertain your scope and the requirements of the space. We will then create a concept design pack with floorplan placements and renders to really help you visualise our proposal.

The Fabrication & Installation

With the design completed we will liase with our suppliers and acquire your plant list. These will then be maintained at the Shape Studio workshop whilst we design and build any specialist features, planters or hanging elements. Once the design has come together we will deliver and install all elements of your interior with our skilled fabricators and plants team!

The Ongoing Maintenance & Care

Once your installation is complete, we run a simple Plant Maintenance workshop in order to start your staff off on their journey and provide help where we can for those that are itching to get involved! Alternatively, an ongoing maintenance and care package is available. We will make weekly to fortnightly visits to ensure that your plants are happy and create the indoor jungle you envisaged!

Shape were absolutely amazing to work with. They understood our vision completely and were instrumental in creating the studio of our dreams.

Tom Anderson, Unseen Studio